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Teamworks is excited to welcome the Sydney Roosters to the Teamworks Elite roster. The Roosters, who play in Australias National Rugby League, consolidated their logistics, communications, and player performance management using Teamworks Hub and Smartabase. Most recently, they added INFLCR, Teamworks AI-powered content hub, officially elevating the Roosters to Elite status alongside the likes of New Zealand Rugby, Brisbane Broncos, Melbourne Football Club, Boston Red Sox, Dallas Cowboys, and many other iconic sports brands.

“Teamworks Elite provides the Roosters with an ability to adopt consistent best in class solutions across our Pathways, NRLW & NRL programs in areas such as Operations, Performance, Medical and Media. With their strong focus on customer service and product development, we see Teamworks as an integral partner to help our club continue to innovate, drive performance and enhance operational efficiencies.”

– Chris James, Football Operations Manager at Sydney Roosters

Read on to learn more about how the Sydney Roosters are using Teamworks to enable their players to perform at their best every day. 

Keeping Players in the Know

Teamworks Hub provides Roosters players with everything they need to know about their upcoming schedule, whether its team-wide details, like practice times and travel plans, or individualized information, such as physio appointments and post-training GPS data. If a player needs to book or change a session with a practitioner, they can do it in seconds using Teamworks. Every time information is updated, the feed automatically refreshes, making it easier for players to plan their upcoming day and ensuring theyre in the right places at the correct times. 

Over the last couple of years, Teamworks has enabled everything away from rugby to run smoothly.  Everything is basically put on a platter for us as players, which allows us to go out on the field and perform at our best every single day. Its our home base. 

– Luke Keary, Roosters Five-Eighth/Halfback

Enhancing Coaches Communication

Roosters personnel used to communicate via text, email, WhatsApp, and other channels. Teamworks Hub centralizes and simplifies messaging, making it easier for coaches, players, and staff to stay connected in real time, whether thats sharing important information related to team activities and logistics or jokes that improve team chemistry. Theres no longer a delay or confusion when the coaching staff needs to reach players, as theyre continually updated via their Teamworks feed. 

When I first heard wed be switching to Teamworks I was apprehensive, but after a week I started seeing the benefits of having a one-stop shop for all our information. It keeps the group connected, all on the same page, and aligned around a schedule. When the little icon pops up over the Teamworks app, you know its something important. It has been a great tool for us. 

– Matt King, Assistant Coach

Centralising Performance Data

For the Roosters to play to their full potential in each match, the operations staff needs insights into performance and wellness data. As at many clubs, objective and subjective information used to be stored in different disparate systems. Smartabase unites each players data in one centralized repository, where its visualized in dashboards, so operations staff can monitor trends, make insights actionable, and share simplified takeaways with players. 

Prior to adopting Smartabase, we were poor at managing performance data. We found that a lot of it was sitting on different laptops or servers throughout the organization, and we needed a solution to fix that. What was most appealing about Smartabase was the ability to customize it to suit our needs.

– Chris James, Football Operations Manager 

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