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A 360° View of Your Athletes

An Athlete Management System for integrated performance teams.

Personalized and Coordinated Care

Teamworks’ AMS helps integrated and multidisciplinary sports performance teams deliver personalized and unified support to elite athletes. By centralizing data and providing a timely and holistic view of individual players and teams, performance leaders and specialists have the complete context needed to make decisions that help your team dominate week in and week out.

Improve Athlete Availability & Readiness

Centralize and analyze load, testing, nutrition, and survey data to create personalized programs that help each athlete be available and ready to perform at their best.

Mitigate & Manage Injuries

Combine performance and medical data to easily identify athletes at risk of injury or in the return-to-play process. Foster collaboration to speed recovery and help the athlete return to peak performance.

Develop Talent

Create data-informed Individual Development Plans based on your athletes’ strengths and weaknesses to help them hone their physical and mental skills.

Featured Customer Stories

With over 6,300 teams nationwide leveraging the power of Teamworks, there’s an incredible network of learned experiences to tap into.

Popular Features

Teamworks AMS

Centralize Your Data

Aggregate your performance, health, and medical data from any source so you can spend more time analyzing and actioning your data.
  • 70+ pre-built integrations with popular performance tech
  • Robust API and R analytics package
  • Bulk upload user interface
  • Custom digital forms for manual data capture
Teamworks AMS

Visualize Your Metrics

Easily build custom and visually engaging dashboards to uncover insights and ultimately make better decisions to optimize performance and reduce injury.
  • Intuitive dashboard builder
  • Permissions-based views
  • Unlimited data combinations
  • Integrate with third-party analytics tools
Teamworks AMS

The Flexibility You Need

Create an adaptable solution that meets your needs and enables you to use the latest science and technology to improve athlete performance.
  • No-code platform
  • Configurable forms, workflows, calculations, and dashboards
  • Automated notifications and alerts
  • Sophisticated org, group, and role structures
Teamworks AMS

Military-Grade Security

We develop our products with the security and privacy of our clients and users in mind and our security standards are continually strengthened to adhere to the latest military-grade standards.
  • Robust permissions
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO/IEC 27701:2019 certified
  • SOC Type 1 and Type 2 certified
  • HIPPA compliant
Teamworks AMS

Sports EMR

It's time to re-think how you work with medical records and keep your student-athletes healthy.
  • Injury / Illness Record & Reporting
  • Documents Store
  • Medical Screening
  • Insurance Claim Form
  • Injury Surveillance Dashboard
  • Physical Examination
  • VOMS Screening and Assessment

Integrate with Your Systems​​

Our mature API allows you to integrate the Teamworks’ AMS into your existing tech stack so your internal teams can focus their energy where it will have the biggest strategic impact.

The OSS Advantage

Drive efficiency and unlock innovation by integrating with the best-in-class solutions available on Teamworks Operating System for Sports™.
Teamworks AMS
Teamworks Nutrition
Combine Nutrition & Performance Data

Pull in robust meal-events data collected in our Nutrition solution and combine it with performance and workload data to help performance practitioners provide more personalized care to athletes.

Teamworks AMS
Teamworks Hub
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Use your Teamworks credentials to easily log in to Teamworks AMS. No need to remember multiple usernames and passwords.

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