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Next Generation Recruiting Tech

Identify and evaluate more prospects and build relationships with the right athletes to strengthen your team.

One Platform. Ultimate Control.

Teamworks Recruiting is an integrated and flexible platform that lets you manage your recruiting process the way you want. By automating tedious tasks, providing your staff with more relevant information, and enabling them with personalized communication tools, you can focus on the work that drives winning.

Simplify Data & Content Management

Make it easy to identify and evaluate recruits by centralizing all data into one secure system and organizing it the way you want. Consolidate your program’s recruiting content for coaches and staff to access and distribute.

Configure to Suit Your Process

Build recruiting boards and evaluation pipelines to suit your unique needs. Use our custom groups, custom fields, and robust rules engine to automate your recruiting process.

Easily Share Information

Ditch the paperwork and provide timely visibility to key stakeholders on recruit status and activity. Use our sophisticated rules engine to automate notifications, workflows, and reports.

Personalize Communications at Scale

Send timely, personalized, and visually captivating text messages to recruits by integrating your communication tools with recruit data, game schedules and scores, and custom graphics.

Automate Compliance Reporting

Teamworks Recruiting does the busywork for you by automatically tracking recruiting activities and sharing information with your Compliance team.

Popular Features

Teamworks Recruiting

Recruiting Database

Centralize all your recruit data, easily organize it the way you want, and access recruit profiles from anywhere.
  • Aggregate recruit data using integrations with popular data providers
  • Define custom groups, fields, tags, and lists
  • Track and view all activity related to a recruit or high school
  • Easily generate reports needed by your compliance team
  • Email questionnaires and camp invitations
  • Call recruits from the mobile app with the coach’s number appearing as the caller
  • Quickly log phone calls and upload phone records
Teamworks Recruiting

Recruiting Boards

Customize your boards to suit your specific strategy. Automate the maintenance, share them securely, and manage them on the go.
  • Create visual recruiting boards
  • Define custom groups, fields, and tags for easy organization
  • Configure rules to automatically maintain your boards
  • Access and manage your recruiting boards from your mobile device
Teamworks Recruiting

Evaluation Pipelines

Stay on top of your recruiting process with custom evaluation pipelines.
  • Create an unlimited number of pipelines with custom stages
  • Automate the movement of recruits through your pipeline
  • Capture critical information at particular stages of the process
  • Trigger notifications to necessary stakeholders
Teamworks Recruiting

Compliance Automation

Streamline your workflows further by integrating with Teamworks Compliance.
  • Easily request comp tickets for recruits
  • Coordinate with Compliance teams
  • Manage travel info and expense reimbursements
  • Receive proactive notifications before a potential recruiting violation occurs
Recuiting Communication

Make It Personal

Teamworks Recruiting Communications lets you efficiently deliver timely, visually captivating, and personalized messages that are sure to get noticed.


  • Connect with recruits using SMS, iMessage, and X (f.k.a. Twitter)
  • Create personalized messages in bulk
  • Automatically record all activity in the recruit’s record
  • Easily insert recruit data for a more personalized experience

Content Management

  • Consolidate your program’s recruiting content for coaches and staff to access and distribute
  • Mass upload, match, and send personalized graphics and videos

Game Schedules & Scores

  • Easily view past and upcoming schedules and game scores
  • Incorporate into messaging to deliver timely and personalized communications to recruits

The OSS Advantage

Drive efficiency and unlock the power of integration with the best-in-class solutions available on Teamworks Operating System for Sports™. With a unified tech stack, administrators and athletes have a seamless experience with one login, one relationship, and one platform.
Teamworks Compliance
Integrated Recruiting Compliance Solution

Teamworks Recruiting & Compliance applies compliance intelligence at the front of the process. As coaches and staff go about their daily recruiting activities, Recruiting provides guardrails to proactively avoid potential violations.

Teamworks Hub
Promote Recruits to Student-Athlete

Congrats! You’ve signed that recruit you’ve been working so hard to land. In one simple step, you can promote your recruit to a student-athlete, automatically creating their profile in Hub so they can be onboarded to the team easily.

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