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The Great Midwest Athletic Conference (G-MAC) is pioneering a conference-wide partnership with ARMS, Teamworks’ leading athletics compliance software provider, setting a precedent for DII and DIII conferences across the NCAA landscape. Leading this effort is Leslie Schuemann, the Deputy Commissioner of the G-MAC, whose visionary leadership is paving the way for an innovative partnership with ARMS.

For the G-MAC, this partnership is about servicing its members with the best resources to do their jobs. It’s the conferences’ job to look out for their members’ best interests, provide them with the best solutions in the market, and make their lives a little easier – that is precisely what ARMS has done with the G-MAC. Teamworks is proud to partner in this conference-wide deal pioneering the DII space and supporting the G-MAC membership’s staff and student-athletes with the best technology to do their jobs.

Strategic Alignment:

In 2023, during G-MAC strategic planning sessions, Schuemann dreamed of enhancing compliance and operational efficiency across all G-MAC schools. “It’s integral to our strategic plan to explore a conference-wide compliance software agreement,” Schuemann confirms, highlighting G-MAC’s commitment to innovation within collegiate athletics.

What Sets ARMS Apart

During the vetting process, G-MAC schools unanimously selected ARMS as their preferred compliance tool. “What made ARMS compelling to our Compliance Committee was its Division II-centric approach. Many times, compliance softwares are made for Division I and then not quite tweaked for Division II, but that was not the case for ARMS.”  Schuemann explains. This alignment with the unique needs of Division II institutions resonated deeply with the G-MAC’s stakeholders, setting ARMS apart as the frontrunner in the selection process.

Personalized Support

Alongside the software having a DII-centric approach came the support behind the tool. Each school within the G-MAC has unique needs, challenges, and processes, so it was critical that this deal still catered to each school in a 1-1 manner.

“Our team was thrilled by the personalized attention from ARMS. They appreciated the ease of reaching out for help and receiving tailored support. ARMS’ integrated approach understood and addressed each school’s unique challenges, desires, and requirements, fostering individualized assistance within our partnership.” Leslie Schuemann, the Deputy Commissioner of the G-MAC

Onboarding 12 schools onto ARMS

Over six months, the G-MAC began the implementation of ARMS throughout the conference, with Schuemann leading the effort to ensure each school’s voice was heard. Schuemann’s blueprint for onboarding schools involved comprehensive engagement and consultation, from surveys to monthly calls with ARMS and key stakeholders.

  • Sending out surveys to each school to complete and hear their challenges and needs
  • Setting up conversations with ARMS, herself, the compliance office, the registrar’s office, financial aid, admissions, etc.
  • Getting a signed agreement that they understood the terms and costs
  • Setting monthly calls with all schools to discuss updates and the best ways to use the software
  • Working hand in hand with ARMS to define budget, needs, and timeline

Budget Constraints

Accessing ARMS would have been financially unattainable without the conference-wide partnership for some G-MAC schools. “Without this agreement, we would have never had all of our schools using ARMS; it was too expensive,” Schuemann acknowledges. The power in numbers allowed the conference to find a price that worked, giving all schools access to top-tier software at an affordable rate.

This conference-wide partnership with the G-MAC paved an opportunity for schools “to get access to some of the best software that there is out there, but at a price that they can afford, and that they can agree to for the term of our agreement.”

“The Great Midwest is excited to partner with Teamworks to bring ARMS to our members as an affordable tool to streamline the athletic department operations.  The outcome of this work by Deputy Commissioner Schuemann and the individuals at Teamworks will benefit our institutional workflows and greatly support our members’ compliance efforts. We look forward to implementation this spring and seeing the immediate benefits of this great product.” Tom Daeger – Commissioner

What Are the G-MAC Schools Saying

After interviewing four different schools across the G-MAC, it is clear the excitement behind this partnership is unwavering.

“At Northwood, ARMS will unite our cross-department collaboration like never before. With everything in one place, from emails to documents, we’ve shifted from handwritten notes to electronic collaboration. It’s a big step toward unified and efficient communication.” – Chelsea Hunter, Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance at Northwood University

“ARMS stands as the preeminent compliance software today. With Teamworks software, it becomes an all-encompassing platform capable of managing almost every facet of a Division II athletic department.” Chris Cross, VP Athletic Director at Cedarville University

“It’s allowed us not to have to hire more staff. It’s like having two or three other people in your department that are working in compliance.” Terry Connor, Vice President and Athletic Director at Thomas Moore University

“With ARMS, we can standardize workflows, unify our efforts across our members, and speak a common language to pave the way for growth in the Great Midwest Athletic Conference, and that’s really exciting to us” – Josh Calver, Deputy Director of Athletics at Hillsdale College

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