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LaLiga is a global and innovative organization, composed of the 20 clubs in LaLiga Santander and 22 in LaLiga SmartBank, and responsible for the organization of these national professional football competitions. With headquarters in Madrid (Spain), LaLiga is present in 41 countries through its 13 offices and 44 delegates. In the 2019/2020 season, LaLiga reached more than 2.8 billion people globally.

LaLiga recently partnered with Teamworks to streamline communication across their corporate brand activation department. We sat down with Sara Neo, Commentators & Narrators Coordinator for LaLiga, to discuss the strategic and day-to-day benefits of having Teamworks Hub.

What was the original problem you sought to solve with Teamworks Hub?

There is a fairly frequent, changing and individualized flow of information at group level, so incorporating modifications caused confusion. For example,  someone would keep the old version of a document, or would not have seen the new one or not notice the change).There were also complications when it came to finding the right message.

What was the main benefit you noticed when implementing Teamworks Hub in LaLiga and what are the next steps?

Teamworks allows us to concentrate everything in a platform that allows us to incorporate changes without generating multiple versions.  At the same time, we are able to consult in an intuitive and simple way at any time the information and documentation of the group. Users can now access the ones that is of interest to him.

Our next step is to become even more familiar with the platform in order to reduce the time it takes to manage and organize all the information/documentation and to improve the communication flows through it.

Why did you choose Teamworks to solve this problem?

Teamworks Hub combined the necessary conditions to consider it useful and when put into practice it turned out to be effective for the users and the work structure.

What has been your experience so far working with Teamworks staff?

Working with the Teamworks staff has been very pleasant so far.

When weve had questions, the response has been quick and efficient. There has been a good predisposition and willingness to train users in the use of Hub through different sessions, and consultations and proposals have been made with the intention of improving the experience.

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