Teamworks launched the Operating System for Sports™ (OSS) in 2022 with the mission of simplifying technology for our elite sports customers – consolidating all the tools administrators use into one integrated platform. Since then, we’ve added nine best-in-class products while continuing to invest heavily in the technical integration of the OSS.

Today marks another exciting milestone in our evolution as we unveil the unified Teamworks brand, taking another step to make technology simple.

Elite sports organizations looking to innovate and drive efficiency can rely on Teamworks to easily find purpose-built products for each stage of the athlete lifecycle. Bringing all of our products under the Teamworks name and introducing product categories makes the path to consolidation, integration, and transformation clear.

“You’ve known Teamworks for providing one login, one platform, and one invoice. Now, as part of the next chapter of our evolution, we are simply one brand.”
– Zach Maurides, Teamworks Founder and CEO

Simple to Trust

Teamworks continues to pioneer technology to drive innovation across elite sports organizations. When you see a product with the Teamworks name, you can have confidence that it’s the best solution on the market, built and supported by people who’ve walked in your shoes. 

Simple to Innovate

Teamworks Operating System for Sports provides one platform for elite sports organizations. Wherever you are on your digital transformation journey, we have the tools you need to drive success today and scale your tech stack to tackle future challenges. 

Simple to Work with Us

When a product carries the Teamworks name, it’s easier for you to gain buy-in for the technology you want. Your CFO will appreciate the consolidated vendor and invoice management. Your IT department will enjoy the standardization and familiarity with our operating system. And your athletes, coaches, and staff will thank you for giving them a single source of truth.

Simple to Use 

With straightforward product and category names, finding the technology you need to support every department within your organization is easier. Continued integrations between our products provide a consistent and seamless user experience and a source of truth for your critical data, making it easier and faster to get work done.

Teamworks OSS Categories

Teamworks’ six new product categories, built and supported by people who’ve walked in your shoes, equip a department with a suite of tools designed to streamline workflows, increase visibility and transparency, and improve collaboration.

Teamworks Unified Brand

  • Operations – Efficiently coordinate logistics, effectively communicate, and manage inventory from anywhere.
  • Recruiting – Identify, evaluate, and build relationships with the right athletes to strengthen your team.
  • Performance – Deliver personalized, coordinated care to athletes to optimize performance and reduce injury risk.
  • Compliance – Protect your organization’s ability to compete and unify your athletic department.
  • Athlete Development – Improve the athlete experience and drive outcomes beyond sport.
  • Branding & NIL – Empower athletes to manage content and maximize NIL opportunities.

“Creating and unveiling the unified Teamworks brand to the world was no small feat. The humility of the product founders, their openness to this change, and the commitment of our entire company to making it happen reflect our team’s dedication to our customers and the athletes we serve.” 
Karla Anderson, Teamworks Senior Vice President, Marketing

Learn More About the Unified Teamworks Brand

Watch our blog and social channels for more information regarding the unified Teamworks brand. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page or Contact us.

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