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Welcome to the innovative world of tech and sport where athlete empowerment stands at the forefront and technology enables connection that fosters success on and off the field. With a commitment to providing best-in-class solutions for the everyday challenges faced by athletes and administrators alike, Teamworks is the ultimate ally in supporting the entire athlete lifecycle.

Teamworks superpower? Integration.

The Operating System for Sports is a team of integrated products that work well on their own, and even better together

Now, introducing the Teamworks Starting Lineup! 

An all-star team here to support elite sports organizations worldwide…

Hub The Connector

Hub simplifies the lives of athletes and connects the organizations supporting them. It is the one source of truth for team rosters, communications, scheduling and more. No wonder its the most used app by athletes.

  • Unified Mobile App
  • User Management
  • Messaging
  • Calendars
  • Tasks
  • Documents
  • Travel
  • Analytics & Reporting

Plays well with… EVERYONE! Hence The Connector.

ARMS The Authority

A sophisticated rules engine that oversees compliance and monitors eligibility, ARMS keeps your team, staff, recruits, and players compliant by automatically tracking interactions and flagging potential violations.

  • Academic Compliance
  • Recruiting Compliance
  • Process Automation
  • Analytics & Reporting

Plays well with HUB HUB is the operational super power that gets your athletes to the field. ARMS is the compliance tool that helps keep them there. Theyre an irresistible duo.

ARMS Camps The Growth Generator

ARMS Camps is a turn-key camp management platform that processes registrations, streamlines operations, and plugs into your recruiting pipeline to generate growth for your department.

  • Design Services
  • Payment Processing
  • Digital Forms
  • Finance & Reporting
  • Data Management

Plays well with ARMS. With a shared name in ARMS, its no surprise these two work so well together. Leverage camps for recruiting, and ensure streamlined compliance throughout the recruiting process.

TRAC ‘The Tracker’

Supporting all the unsung heroes in Equipment, Sports Med/AT, Nutrition, IT, TRAC is the most flexible and innovative inventory management system for elite athletics, providing the tools you need to track inventory and get things done quickly in your equipment room, on the road, or at home.

  • Game-Changing Mobile Apps
  • Mobile RFID Scanning
  • Cloud-Based Solution
  • Integrated Hardware
  • Order Automation
  • Reporting & Forecasting
  • Flexible Taxation
  • Serialization

Whistle The Recruiter

An essential communications tool in every recruiters arsenal, Whistle allows coaches to send customized messages to recruits at scale, with an automatic feed of scores and schedules to make personalized messages memorable.

  • Communications
  • Scores & Schedules

Plays well with ARMS. Think: streamlined recruiting efforts with seamless data flow between recruiting platforms. No more juggling multiple passwords, systems, and user interfaces.

Smartabase The Secret Weapon 

Using data to get the winning edge, Smartabase helps sports performance teams capture and visualize data from a variety of sources to optimize athlete performance and reduce injury. Smartabase super power? Enabling better decision-making.

  • Athlete Management System
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Integrations with Popular Performance Tech

Plays well with More than 70+ Sports Tech. Smartabase acts as a catalyst for progress. Teams can consolidate data from over 70 various sports performance tech, ranging from wearables to body comp, and analyze it in real-time to make data-informed decisions.

Notemeal The Fueling Guru

Notemeal is the leading performance nutrition platform that connects athletes, dietitians, and performance chefs to optimize team nutrition. Dietitians can quickly deliver data-backed personalized nutrition to elite sports teams, large and small.

  • Mobile App
  • Meal Plans & Food Logs
  • Nutrient Analysis & Body Comp
  • Virtual Plate Coach
  • Menu Builder

Plays well with Smartabase. Together, this dynamic duo helps you understand the data around whats put in (nutrition, training, etc) and its impact on the performance coming out. Its the secret sauce for improving player performance, health and availability. Apply liberally.

INFLCR The Promoter

Helping athletes and teams worldwide build and monetize their brand. From content management to the NIL marketplace, INFLCR is the ultimate hype machine.

  • Content Hub
  • Exchange
  • NIL Management
  • Automatic & Compliant NIL Transaction Reporting

Plays well with Hub. With single sign-on, shared roster, and consolidated task lists, athletes don’t have to look in multiple places for INFLCR tasks –  it’s all on Hub!

INFLCR  Collectives The NIL Amplifier

INFLCR Collectives is a turn-key solution to centralize collective fundraising and athlete payouts. Making it easy for Collectives navigating the ever-evolving NIL era.

  • Fundraising
  • Member Management
  • Athlete Management
  • Athlete Payouts

Plays well with INFLCR. Collectives at schools using INFLCR can pay athletes with collective funds for free!

Pulse The Culture Confidante

Helping teams foster trust and accountability with anonymous surveys, Pulse centralizes athlete feedback and concerns and facilitates effective resolution. Its the key to cultivating a winning culture.

  • Anonymous Reporting
  • Experience Surveys
  • Case Management
  • Analytics

Plays well with Hub. Together, Hub and Pulse make it easy for athletes to have their voice heard, anonymously. Administrators can easily push surveys out via Hub and athletes response rates increase with the ease of everything in one app.

Pathways The Mentor

As the ultimate mentor, Pathways  helps athletes lay the groundwork for a successful future. Athletes can track awards and community service hours. Administrators can plan and manage events like community service,  career development, and more – with participation easily tracked back to the student-athlete portfolios.

  • Professional & Personal Growth Plans
  • Portfolios
  • Awards
  • Community Service

Plays well with Retain. The pair come together to provide academic staff and the athlete with a holistic view of their off-field performance so they can more effectively collaborate and support their professional development.

Retain The Academic Hustler

Built for student-athletes juggling academics and athletics – Retain is the most comprehensive academics platform. It streamlines tutor scheduling, customizes travel letters and progress reports and more. Its superpower? Logging, tracking, and managing study hall hours in real time.

  • Objective-Based Learning
  • Tutor Management
  • Attendance & Study Hall Tracking
  • Progress Reports

Plays well with Pathways. Together they create an easily accessible snapshot of university success by tracking student-athletes’ outcomes off the field. Pathways maps all elements of student-athlete success (awards, accolades, event attendance, etc), with academic information from Retain feeding in for a complete picture of student progress.

Teamworks Makes the Dream Work

All together, this team of products make up The Operating System for Sports.

Interested in learning more about any of our products? Or exploring the use of multiple products via our Elite program?  Contact us today. 

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