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Human performance staff can make better decisions about an athletes or service member’s training and nutrition plans when they have a holistic view of the individual. Thats why Smartabase, the premier human performance optimization solution, provides an integration with Notemeal, the leading performance nutrition platform. 

Using an open API integration, Smartabase automatically pulls in robust meal-events data collected in Notemeal. In a highly-configurable and visual analytics dashboard, this data can be combined with performance and workload data to uncover insights that help performance practitioners provide more personalized care to athletes and service members.  Lets look at the benefits in more detail.

Longitudinal View & Custom Calculations

While Notemeal provides a 4-day snapshot, Smartabase is able to look longitudinally across a 14-day window at protein, fat, and carb intake. Presenting this data visually in helpful charts and graphs, the performance dietitian can more easily identify trends. Using custom filters and calculations, the dietitian can see important metrics such as average carbohydrates by meal. 

Custom calculations also provide a way to easily convert units of measure (e.g. lbs to kg), implement different methods for calculating body fat and basal metabolic rate, set different flagging thresholds, and more.

Monitor Energy Availability 

Performance dietitians now have a dashboard created specifically to help them easily monitor energy availability and quickly identify athletes or service members who need their attention. 

Overlaying caloric intake with workload data and calculating energy expenditure, the dashboard helps dietitians see the individual’s energy availability over time and identify any concerning trends. By setting a threshold for acceptable energy surpluses or deficits, Smartabase can flag an individual and notify the dietitian so their meal plan can be adjusted.

Personalize Meal Plans at Scale

With the integration of Notemeal and Smartabase, nutrition staff has access to more data on a given athlete or service member to help them personalize meal plans at scale. 

For example, performance dietitians can use a combination of information from multiple domains to create personas or profiles based on certain characteristics. This allows them to put individuals into one of several bins so they can quickly assign a meal plan that suits their goals and objectives. 

Timely adjustments can also be made more easily. If a dietitian knows that a group of athletes or service members are about to enter a strenuous period of training, competition, or travel, they may adjust the meal plans to take into account these additional demands. 

Having convenient access to complete, accurate, and up-to-date information in Smartabase can also help performance practitioners be effective when theyre not in the same location as their athletes/service members. For example, a dietitian could tailor the meal plan of an injured individual whos on the road or in a remote location to help them heal and recover quicker because theyre seeing injury data alongside nutritional information imported from Notemeal.

Such efficiencies create more time for meeting with individuals, building relationships, and developing the trust needed to get buy-in to the nutritional component of the performance program. All leading to better outcomes. 

Improve Collaboration Across the Performance Team

Other performance practitioners, leaders, and coaching staff benefit from having performance and nutrition data in Smartabase. By giving them the full picture of an individual, they can work together more effectively, and make better decisions to improve their performance and help reduce injury.

For example, if the sports dietitian notices a troubling trend in an athletes energy availability, Smartabase can notify the S&C coach and Athletic Trainer, sparking a productive conversation about a specific athlete. 

In this way, communication happens in real-time rather than lagging, choices are made collaboratively instead of in isolation, and athletes/service members receive care, training, and service thats responsive, not reactive. 

Increase Engagement 

Athletes and service members can derive greater value from an HP program when their nutrition data is integrated with other elements of their performance and health. 

Currently, in Notemeal, an individual has access to a personalized meal plan, their macronutrient goals for the day, and how close they are to meeting those at any given moment. By integrating with Smartabase, athletes and service members can see their nutrition data in the context of other areas of their life, such as sleep or HRV, in a visual dashboard on their smartphones.

Individuals can tell whether theyre hitting their nutritional targets or not and how this relates to their overall performance and well-being. This helps them become more self-aware so they can regulate their behaviors to improve results and increase the longevity of their careers.

Smartabase + Notemeal for Human Performance Optimization

Smartabase and Notemeal, two best-in-class human performance solutions, are now available on The Operating System for Sports. To find out more about these applications and how they integrate with one another, please contact us

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