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Empower Academic Success

Help athletic academic departments improve student-athlete outcomes in the classroom more effectively and efficiently.

Scale Your Team, Amplify Your Impact ​

Academic departments and staff coordinate an array of resources and navigate numerous complexities as they work to support hundreds of student-athletes. Teamworks Academics helps these committed staff members amplify their impact by providing a comprehensive platform to efficiently manage academic support activities and engage student-athletes. When you see how fast and simple we’ve made the process, the painfully manual way of doing things will seem silly.
More Time for the Work That Matters

Academics provides staff with a more holistic view of student-athletes and automates tedious processes. With a few clicks, you can schedule academic appointments, build and share personalized action plans, communicate with faculty, produce weekly study hall reports, and more.

Engage & Empower Athletes ​

Engage student-athletes at scale and give them the resources to own their academic success. From the mobile app, student-athletes can request appointments, check in to locations, manage their academic task lists, complete digital forms, and much more.

Share Information & Demonstrate Impact ​

 Automation and communication tools help you efficiently connect with faculty, including progress checks and travel letters. And most importantly, you can see how your commitment and efforts are improving outcomes for student-athletes. 

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Popular Features

Teamworks Academics

Student-Athlete Profiles & Schedules

Get a complete view of your student-athletes and their class schedules so you have what you need to build effective relationships and provide personalized support.
  • Integrate with your campus SIS for real-time course schedules
  • Connect to personal calendars
  • View class details and syllabus
  • Monitor status and progress
  • Track equipment loaned out to student-athletes and send reminders to return
Teamworks Academics

Appointment Management

Efficiently schedule and coordinate a variety of services and minimize no-shows and double bookings. Deliver timely support and improve engagement by empowering student-athletes to get help when they need it.
  • View student-athlete calendars in real time
  • Schedule individual and group appointments
  • Automate reminders and notifications
  • Allow student-athletes or staff to request appointments
  • Collect attendance and track no-shows and cancellations
Teamworks Academics

Tutor Management

Efficiently onboard and manage your army of tutors and, most importantly, automate much of the labor-intensive work.
  • Enable tutors to manage their availability and max hours
  • Associate tutors with specific courses and topics
  • Provide tutors with helpful student-athlete and course information
  • Easily run reports
Teamworks Academics

Study Hall Management & Class Check-Ins

Easily log, track, and manage study hall hours and class check-ins.

  • Allow check-ins through staff by web, mobile device, or kiosk
  • Enable student-athlete check-in via mobile device using a QR code
  • Automatically generate and send weekly study hall hours reports
  • Send attendance alerts to advisors and coaches
Teamworks Academics

Objective Based Learning

Help your student-athletes stay organized and on top of their academic responsibilities with collaborative task lists.

  • Create tasks for multiple student-athletes (e.g., enrolled in the same course)
  • Student-athletes can view, manage, and add tasks from the mobile app
  • Track task status, including when it was completed
  • Easily send reminders for upcoming or overdue tasks
Faculty Communication Tools

Easily connect with professors, coaches, and other stakeholders to effectively engage them as partners in the student-athlete’s academic success.

  • Customize progress reports
  • Proactively identify at-risk student-athletes
  • Automatically generate and share progress reports
  • Send travel letters in bulk based on the most current class enrollment
Analytics & Reporting

Gain insights and understand how your academic support resources are used and the impact they have. Streamline and automate regular reporting to share timely information with coaches, faculty, and administrators.

  • Service Utilization reports, filter by type of service and/or sport
  • Check-ins, Study Hall, and Tutor reports
  • Course enrollment, including dropped classes
  • Progress and Task reports

The OSS Advantage

Drive efficiency and unlock innovation by integrating with the best-in-class solutions available on Teamworks Operating System for Sports™.
Teamworks Academics
Teamworks Pathways
Pave the Pathway for Future Success

Build a holistic portfolio for student-athletes by connecting Academics with Pathways, a comprehensive solution to track programming initiatives, manage community engagement, and demonstrate the growth of athletes.

Teamworks Academics
Teamworks Pulse
Capture Anonymous Feedback & Concerns

Integrate Academics with Pulse to enhance the student-athlete experience and foster a healthy culture by soliciting anonymous feedback and providing a channel for reporting concerns.

Teamworks Academics
Teamworks Hub
Single App Experience

With one app and a single sign-on, student-athletes can easily access academic-related tasks, request appointments, view study hall hours, and more.


Teamworks Academics
Teamworks Hub
More Efficiency & Visibility
Because Academics integrates with Teamworks Hub, the app used daily by athletic departments, coaches, and student-athletes, Academic departments can take advantage of shared profiles, calendars, and tasks to improve visibility and drive efficiency.

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