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[Stockton, February 6, 2024] – University of the Pacific, a member of the West Coast Conference, has established itself as a leader in innovation by leveraging technology to enhance the student-athlete experience. In a strategic move, Pacific has gone Elite by adopting six products to streamline communication, bolster academic success, and fortify the athletic department.

“At the crux of our business is recruiting, retaining, and developing student-athletes. Teamworks allows us to have positive experiences with recruits and current athletes, fostering their passion and desire to compete for University of the Pacific. Teamworks aligns perfectly with our academic and athletic success goals.” Wes Yourth, Deputy Director of Athletics and Chief Operating Officer.

Building Student-Athlete Success On and Off the Field 

University of the Pacific began its journey with Teamworks with ARMS software, initially used for compliance and recruiting operations. Recognizing ARMS’s robust solutions and workflows, Pacific started seeking additional technology to help in other areas of their student-athletes’ lives. Recently, Pacific added Teamworks Hub, Smartabase, INFLCR, Pulse, Retain, and ARMS, giving them Teamworks Elite status. 

“One of the pivotal reasons guiding our strategic shift towards Teamworks was centered around Retain. As we initiated crucial conversations, the spotlight turned to Retain because of a specific initiative we had to elevate the support for our student-athletes, particularly from an academic perspective. Retain emerged as the solution that aligns seamlessly with our commitment to achieving academic success within our athletic community.  Wes Yourth, Deputy Director of Athletics and Chief Operating Officer.

Technology Alleviates Limited Resources

Pacific, a proud member of a top-10 rated conference nationally, is determined to stand tall among formidable institutions competing for national championships. 

Embracing technology like Teamworks is a strategic move, it has empowered the athletic department and student-athletes to be agile, efficient, and multifaceted, reinforcing Pacific’s commitment to excellence in collegiate athletics. In the words of Pacific, ‘Our collaboration with Teamworks is a testament to our vision for success on a national stage, showcasing our dedication to being on par with the best in the field.

Streamlining Communication for Success

Its no surprise that within any athletic department, there is a critical role in maintaining transparency in communication. Pacific named this as one of the biggest challenges Teamworks helped to alleviate. With Teamworks Hub, coaches, staff and student-athletes have a centralized communication platform streamlining interactions regarding practice schedules, travel plans, and academic support.

Looking Ahead

Pacific is focused on guiding their student-athletes through their academic and athletic journeys, steering them toward the attainment of both a degree and competitive success. This goal is at the very core of how they operate and why they look to invest in technology. Teamworks is proud to be a part of this story, helping Pacific achieve their mission and build a foundation for success. 

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