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Teamworks is pleased to announce its latest Elite partnership in the National Rugby League (NRL) with the Wests Tigers signing a multi-year agreement that sees them look to Hub, Smartabase & INFLCR for a best in class consolidated tech solution. 

Tigers become the 14th team in the APAC region to join Teamworks Elite roster (see full roster below) to create alignment across the entire organisation and deliver high performance outcomes. 

We had the chance to speak to Matthew Betsey‹‹‹‹, Head of Football, ‹and Mia Iorfino‹‹‹‹, Social Media Manager about their experience so far.

Matthew Betsey, Head of Football, speaks about his experience using Hub and Smartabase and the decision on becoming Elite.

Why did the Wests Tigers choose to become a Teamworks Elite partner?

Wests Tigers chose to become a Teamworks Elite Partner to better align the whole organisation and create efficiencies with squad management e.g. NRL and NRLW all the way through its extensive pathways system and development programs and the administrative staff connected to each program. Access to the Teamworks Hub and additional integrated products will allow us to ensure all Wests Tigers players and staff have access to the most efficient and contemporary sports technology.

Partnering with Teamworks provides Wests Tigers the best opportunity to perform without distraction and create an environment where everyone can focus their attention on delivering high performance outcomes.

Can you describe your experience with the implementation process and support received from the Teamworks Customer Success team?

The Teamworks Customer Success team provides tailored support to our staff, allowing us to grow into the platform at our own speed and not be inundated with too much information at once. The team are always available to discuss feedback and suggestions for new features and are genuinely invested in Wests Tigers user experience.

Teamworks Product Support team are available around the clock to assist with any questions and provide quick solutions. A simple example is how, as part of the onboarding process, the Support team provided bulk uploading of over 700 profiles for Wests Tigers Hub.

 How does being an Elite partner help you drive digital transformation and innovation within your club?

Teamworks will play an integral role in promoting alignment across our entire organisation, linking our elite NRL/NRLW programs to the Administrative staff, and bringing our Pathways programs, representing three large geographic areas, together in one central digital platform.

Having a club with so many moving pieces connect in this way will facilitate effective collaboration, enable quick decision making, better integrate internal departments, and empower both athletes and staff to feel more informed and excited to be Wests Tigers!

Can you describe how Teamworks Hub assisted the club in launching a new team into the NRLW competition in season 2023?

From Day 1, the Teamworks Hub was an essential part of the Wests Tigers inaugural NRLW season. The squad embraced all the features available to them, from our daily group chat and schedule, arranging time with medical, wellbeing and coaching staff, to our interstate travel and camps using the travel feature, which ensured that nothing was missed. Many our players were experiencing this level of sport for the first time, and often expressed that having all aspects of the program available to them in one central place, accessible at any time, was enormously comforting. Rather than having to manage their own calendar, receiving requests on their time from different departments – their Teamworks app meant they never missed a media commitment, community event or change to training. Influencer was an incredibly popular extension of the Teamworks Hub our players were thrilled to be able to access all of their images to document the journey of being a part of the first Wests Tigers NRLW season, which they were incredibly proud of!

Can you describe how Smartabase helps the club make informed decisions for Performance and Medical outcomes such as determining player availability?

Our performance staff used Teamworks to prompt players to complete their required injury and wellness information via Smartabase. The data was used to make informed decisions to adjust training or prompt individualised conversations about performance and wellbeing. Smartabase plays a key role in the management and reporting of injuries as well as the performance data required to perform effectively at each level of competition and allows us to align key development metrics at various stages of physical development. Having this accessible to the performance team in one central place allowed for a collaborative approach to each players physical and mental health and subsequently, allowed our coaching staff to choose the best available team each week.

Mia Iorfino, Social Media Manager, about working with INFLCR.

Can you describe the process of distributing content to players prior to adopting INFLCR. 

The process was easy to onboard players. It was a matter of sending out one message with instructions, followed by a demonstration of the platform and players were onboarded. 

 How has the uptake been amongst Wests Tigers players on INFLCR?

Its been an easy uptake and players have now got into the habit of referring to the INFLCR app after training. 

 What has been your overall experience with INFLCR and its operational impact?

INFLCR has made storing and sending out content to players and football staff very easy. AI plays an important role in our medias day-to-day life and makes content organisation better than it was.

 What content is most popular amongst the team?

Photo content is the most popular! 

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