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Ever heard the saying, “You don’t know what you have till it’s gone”? Well, we’re flipping the script here! When it comes to compliance tools, you won’t realize how much easier life can be until ARMS is in the picture. Trust  us, once you’ve experienced ARMS, you wont want to do compliance any other way!

So,  “What makes ARMS so exceptional? How can we be so confident that youll love it?” Well, there are countless reasons, but for now, we’ll start by sharing our cheat code on the Top 5 Compliance Features You Didnt Know You Needed.

1. Streamlined Compliance Workflows

Navigating the labyrinth of compliance regulations in college athletics can be a daunting task. ARMS simplifies this complexity with customized workflows, ensuring student-athletes, administrators, and compliance staff are all on the same page.

An ARMS workflows automates the approval chain, eliminating the need for back-and-forth emails, and saving administrators and coaches time and potentially missed information. This streamlined approach enhances efficiency and reduces the risk of errors.

2. Automated Tasks

Compliance is not just about adhering to the rules; it’s about accountability and transparency. ARMS ensures accountability by automatically assigning and tracking tasks such as forms that need to be completed, minimizing the risk of key actions falling through the cracks. This accountability enhances transparency, ensuring that all activities and workflows in ARMS are readily visible to the necessary staff and student-athletes. This transparency fosters collaboration and ensures that compliance efforts are well-coordinated.

3. Effortless NCAA Reporting

Every compliance office has to generate NCAA reports, but this doesnt have to be a tedious task. ARMS makes reporting easy by generating NCAA reports directly from campus data, eliminating the need for any manual data manipulation. Plus, ARMS formats the data to meet the NCAA’s stringent requirements, saving you time and ensuring accuracy. This feature ensures your institution is consistently prepared to submit reports to the NCAA through Compliance Assistant (CAi).

4. Integration Across Campus

ARMS’ ability to integrate seamlessly with various campus systems is a game-changer. Compliance often relies on data from multiple campus departments, including student registration and the financial aid office. The ability to see the full picture of a student-athlete, from academic eligibility, to financial aid, to registration in ARMS, ensures accuracy when it comes time for compliance reporting.

With ARMS, you can:

  • Certify Athletes
  • Track Eligibility
  • Review GPAs
  • Monitor Progress Toward Graduation

5. Compliance for All Schools

Compliance rules can vary significantly between divisions, and ARMS understands these nuances, making it the ideal choice for D2 and D3 programs. Through ARMS  automated Rules Engine, rules that only apply to D1 and do not apply to D2 and D3 conferences will not be flagged as a compliance issue. This alleviates stress on athletic department staff, ensuring that they can focus their time and energy on the specific compliance requirements relevant to them. ARMS tailors its approach to each division’s unique needs, providing a more efficient and effective compliance solution.

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