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Teamworks, The Operating System for Sports, is pleased to announce its latest partnership with Melbourne United Basketball Club, an Australian professional team based in Melbourne, Victoria, competing in the National Basketball League.

Melbourne United had tried other systems in the past and their needs were never met, but they found the solution in Teamworks. We chose to use Teamworks after getting good reviews from others in our industry and the friendly and professional introduction with staff at Teamworks, said Stephan Semerci, Team Manager at Melbourne United.

What was the original problem you were trying to solve with Teamworks and what were you doing to try to address it before? 

The main issue we were trying to solve was having our club on an AMS  that covered our main communication needs and streamlined how we communicated throughout the organisation. Also having a more user-friendly calendar and overall information system. We had tried in the past with other systems and our overall needs could never be achieved.

We chose to use Teamworks after getting good reviews from others in our industry and the friendly and professional introduction with the staff at Teamworks.

How did the Teamworks Hub platform help you with regards to your scheduling and travel logistics? 

Teamworks has definitely made our scheduling and travel logistics much better, information is put through in real-time and doesnt get lost in the wash. From my standpoint in a travel sense, the input of information has been amazing and easy to use. It has saved me a lot of time and overall streamlined how we get the information through to players and staff.

How did players and staff engage with the platform? What were some of the main benefits to them? 

I believe our players and staff were very happy with the Teamworks platform and found their engagement to be very good. The main feedback I got was that it’s been the best in years just how easy and the speed of the information they were getting. They seemed to feel more prepared due to having information quicker and a more user-friendly platform.

What has your experience been so far working with Teamworks staff?

For me the Teamworks staff has been amazing. Tech support was always prompt and solved any issues with speed and professionalism. Then all other staff from Catie, Daniel, James and so on have been accessible throughout the onboarding process and helpful.

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