Athletic Directors and school administrators can scale their messaging to student-athletes using the Teamworks app. They create and send one message, and it will show up as a personalized message in the Teamworks app where the student-athlete are already logging into daily. This personalized touch makes a significant impact.

This functionality powers deeper connections between the athletic department and student-athletes. Here are a few examples of how Teamworks is used to scale communication and create engagement:

  • Welcoming Freshmen: send a message to all freshmen on the first day of the fall semester to say, “Good luck this week, and let us know how we can support you. I’ve pinned a campus map to the homepage of your Teamworks app, so you can swing by anytime to see me.”
  • Great Practice: after stopping into a team practice, send a message to the team saying, “Great work at practice; that defensive drill is going to pay off in your game this weekend.”
  • Keep Your Head Up: show support and appreciation by sending a post-game message after a loss, “Tough game tonight. The result was not in our favor, but you worked hard and represented your school. Keep your head up and come to practice on Monday, ready to start planning for the next opponent.”

These one-to-one messages from the Athletic Director significantly impact the student-athletes, resulting in them feeling recognized and appreciated. Teamworks helps to make these engagements and connections, empowering the ability to develop this personal touch to creating a meaningful relationship between the athletic staff and the student-athletes.

Show your student-athletes that you care and want to be part of their athletic and academic journeys. Click the link below to learn more about Teamworks.

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