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We are excited to announce that Kevin Campbell, a former collegiate administrator with 10 years of experience, has joined Teamworks as a Senior Account Executive for the Division I Team. Kevin has worked at the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore, Howard University, and most recently at Georgetown University as the Associate AD for Business and Finance. His experience in managing purchasing, budgeting, contracting, accounts payable, and accounts receivable makes him an invaluable addition to our team.

Kevin was a Teamworks customer before joining Teamworks, and he brings with him an understanding of how to manage the complexities of the business office while always keeping the student-athlete experience in mind. He is enthusiastic about his new role and is excited to continue making a positive impact.

Leaving a Mark on College Athletics

In Kevin’s previous roles, he aimed to maximize resources within the athletic department while delivering a top-notch experience to every student-athlete. Utilizing Teamworks, he experienced firsthand how the technology empowered coaches and staff to optimize efficiency, providing every student-athlete with the tools and support needed to achieve at the highest level, both athletically and academically. Let’s hear more:

More Products. More Savings.

During his time at Georgetown, Kevin wasn’t the only one who recognized the advantages of integrating technology into athletic departments. Coaches and administrators also desired tools to enhance communication, operations, compliance, academics, and NIL management. The team demanded more, and he had to find a way to provide it within budget constraints. Fortunately, the solution was straightforward: the Teamworks Elite package.

A Message to ADs

Kevin is excited to use his 10 years of experience to assist athletic directors and senior collegiate leaders in enhancing their efficiency and performance. With the help of the Teamworks’ Operating System for Sports, purpose-built tools can be utilized to boost performance and elevate the game of everyone involved.

Interested in learning how Teamworks can provide your Athletic Department with support and efficiency, connect with Kevin Campbell.

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