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Amidst the live coaching demos, locker room equipment sales, and football administrator hustle at AFCA, we caught up with the Teamworks Recruiting crew to dive into the latest Teamworks tech tools. The unveiling of Teamworks Recruiting marks a significant milestone as Teamworks, already a powerhouse in the industry, doubles down its support to the recruiting space.

// What is Teamworks Recruiting? //

The Teamworks Recruiting crew explains it best:

// The Top 3 Takeaways for Coaches, Recruiters & Administrators //

1. Making Lives Easier in the Recruiting Space

Teamworks Recruiting was created to help simplify the lives of coaches, recruiters, and administrators. Recruiting legend turned Teamworks Recruiting expert, Matt Dudek echoes the excitement surrounding the launch, emphasizing Teamworks ability to bring the innovation, organization, and operational ease that theyre known for, to the world of recruiting – to help manage the day-to-day, always-evolving tasks more effectively. The future of recruiting is here as Dudek puts it, “Now giving [recruiting] that [Teamworks] power and what we plan to do in the future, the sky’s the limit.”

2. Gifting You Time

In the ever-evolving recruiting space, time is of the essence. Teamworks Recruiting brings together two leading tech tools, ARMS and Whistle, to enhance efficiency and gift recruiters invaluable time. By streamlining processes, it allows recruiters to identify, engage, and evaluate new recruits in one platform, without having to switch screens, allowing them to focus on building stronger relationships. Teamworks Recruiting is a catalyst for reclaiming time, both professionally and personally, allowing recruiters to perform at their best.

3. Unparalleled Support in Pursuit of Happy Sundays

The evolution of ARMS and Whistle into Teamworks Recruiting signifies a commitment to providing coaches with best-in-class tools. As coaches prepare for seasons and recruit the right talent, they now have the purpose-built technology to enable greater success. The goal is clear: to make chasing happy Sundays a little easier. After all, every coach wants to wake up on a Sunday morning feeling the high of a win, and Teamworks Recruiting is poised to deliver the level of support and products that make that pursuit a reality.

One things for sure, the instant feedback from those at AFCA has been resoundingly positive. Its clear: Teamworks Recruiting marks a significant shift in ways of working within the recruiting landscape. With a focus on empowerment, efficiency, and support, it promises to reshape the way coaches and recruiters approach their roles, ultimately leading to more happy Sundays.

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