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In the highly competitive world of collegiate athletics, every edge matters. Fueling athletes for peak performance is a complex task, and technology plays a pivotal role in streamlining the process. Notemeal, the cutting-edge performance nutrition solution, is transforming the way dietitians support their athletes. 

Collier Madaleno, Director of Football Performance Nutrition at the University of Georgia, and Lyndsey Eckenrode, Associate Director of Performance Nutrition for Olympic Sports at LSU, recently shared their experiences using Notemeal during a recent webinar. Below, we’ll explore how they utilize Notemeal to enhance their own lives and, more importantly, the lives of the student-athletes on the championship teams they serve.

You can also view a complete replay of the webinar here, but we’ve summarized some of the key discussion points below.

Streamlining Meal Planning with Notemeal

One of Notemeals most significant benefits is its ability to simplify the meal planning process. Collier Madaleno highlights this by stating, the efficiency of being able to build meal plans so fast [through Notemeal], has been a huge time-saver. Its so organized and accessible to athletes via their phones.” Notemeal’s Meal Option Generator further enhances the user experience by suggesting meal options tailored to athletes’ preferences and targets, creating a personalized touch with automated convenience.

Personalized Nutrition with Notemeal

Recognizing that no two athletes are the same, sports performance professionals must devise tailored nutrition strategies. Lyndsey Eckenrode emphasizes the value Notemeal brings by creating individualized meal plans that align with each athlete’s specific dietary requirements. She notes, “If I have someone coming in, perhaps a high-risk athlete, and we’re working on increasing their nutrition intake, we’ll craft a meal plan just for them. Or, if it’s someone grappling with a busy schedule, Notemeal allows us to meet their one-on-one needs.” This personalized approach empowers athletes to make informed choices, ensuring they receive the optimal nutrition to achieve their performance goals.

New Features: Calendar Suggestions and Customized Grocery List 

Two new features that excite both Collier and Lyndsey are the integration of student-athlete class and practice schedules into Notemeal via Teamworks Hub. This integration allows dietitians to quickly and easily adjust meal times based on the student-athletes ever-changing schedule. No longer do they need to bounce between screens. Lyndsey elaborates,This has been a game-changer because one significant challenge for our athletes is finding time between classes and practice to visit the nutrition center.

While Calendar Suggestions help with when to eat, another new feature removes a major obstacle to putting personalized meal plans into action grocery shopping. Now, student-athletes can easily plan their meals for the week and auto-generate a shopping list organized by area of the store. Collier anticipates the impact, stating, “the one feature Im really excited about is the ability for our athletes to create grocery lists specialized from their meal plans. This feature will allow everything we need to be in one place, helping them stay organized.”

Interactive Athlete Engagement

Notemeal isn’t just a planning tool; it’s an interactive platform that engages athletes directly in their nutrition journey. Collier Madaleno mentions that “it’s interactive with the athlete they’re already on their phones and all this is found within  an app, making life a lot easier.” Athletes can access their meal plans, receive suggestions, and even scan barcodes to track their nutrition. This real-time engagement fosters a sense of ownership and accountability among athletes, which is essential for consistent success.

Championship Best Practices 

  1. Spice It Up: Georgia’s football team masters culinary creativity, experimenting with dishes like venison, elk steaks, and crawfish for a fun and skill-building experience.
  2. Snack Smart: LSU’s secret to success? Always keep healthy options on hand to steer athletes toward good choices.
  3. Cook-Off Showdown: Georgia fosters competition in the kitchen, pitting young talents against seasoned players for cook-offs
  4. Bond & Trust: Building personal rapport with athletes is key to progress, tough conversations, and setting realistic expectations. 
  5. Lead by Example: Harness the FOMO effect by rallying older athletes and captains to champion proper nutrition, ensuring everyone stays on the winning path.


Notemeal is revolutionizing the world of sports nutrition, and these leading experts, Collier Madaleno and Lyndsey Eckenrode, are harnessing its power to elevate their athletes’ performance and well-being. With features that simplify meal planning, personalize nutrition, engage athletes, and enhance efficiency, Notemeal has become an indispensable tool in their arsenal. As technology continues to advance, it’s clear that sports performance individuals alike are seeking out ways to create a brighter future for collegiate athletes, where nutrition meets excellence head-on.

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