The NIL Store, powered by Campus Ink, has announced a partnership with INFCLR’s Global Exchange to provide the NIL jersey solution to schools and student athletes across the nation.  This partnership will allow the NIL Store to utilize INFLCR and access over 64,000 student-athletes in the Global Exchange to educate them on the apparel opportunity they’ve built.

Campus Ink’s private label jersey line provides schools custom jerseys for athletes across every sport, which can be sold online or in-venue. The successful launch with a Big Ten institution caught the attention of Mark Cuban, leading him to invest in Campus Ink & The NIL Store to help them reach more schools. This exclusive partnership opens the door to additional revenue for all INFLCR schools and student-athletes.

“While the best names in college sports will get taken care of by endorsements and high profile contracts, there are thousands of other student athletes that need help. Campus Ink’s solution is going to change that,” said Cuban.

When name, image and likeness (NIL) was legalized for collegiate athletes, Campus Ink created The NIL Store to provide every student-athlete with a platform to sell university-licensed jerseys with their name and number along with other unique merchandise. INFLCR’s NIL technology was founded on the same premise, that all student-athletes should have access to monetization opportunities. 

The NIL Store currently has offerings for student-athletes across 12 schools. Artists from The NIL Store will work directly with every student-athlete to build the best merchandise. Campus Ink and The NIL Store makes it easy for student-athletes to sell apparel, and are only asked to share their custom collections on social media. 

“The NIL Store embodies the best of what new opportunities are available for schools and student-athletes,” said Steven Farag, co-founder of Campus Ink. “It is a way for student-athletes in any sport to monetize their NIL while simultaneously elevating the university brand through co-licensed jerseys and apparel. This is exciting for everyone involved, including fans as it boosts the entire collegiate athletics experience.”

INFLCR, a Teamworks product, is the leading brand building and NIL business management app, and home to the Global Exchange. The NIL Store will use the Global Exchange to message with student-athletes, offer NIL deals, submit payments, and report transactions back to a student-athletes institution. 

“This exclusive new partnership is exciting because it brings revenue potential to all student-athletes and our client institutions through the sale of school-licensed jerseys and apparel,” said Jim Cavale, INFLCR Founder & President. “Campus Ink has created a successful model and we look forward to helping them partner with more student-athletes using the Global Exchange.”

About INFLCR Global Exchange

INFLCR’s partnerships team vets elite companies like Meta, TikTok, WWE, Campus Legends, DigiSign, Subtext, and Mike Slive Foundation to be a part of the Global Exchange. Inside the platform, companies can automate their reporting of transactions with student-athletes, and utilize INFLCR’s best-in-class tools to identify, communicate, and transact with student-athletes who have opted in to be contacted for educational and NIL transaction opportunities. All Global Exchange transactions are automatically disclosed for student-athletes and institutions. INFLCR continues to take no transaction fees from schools, companies, or student-athletes for activity on the Global Exchange.

Interested in partnering with INFLCR Global Exchange? Start the process here.

About Campus Ink x NIL Store

Founded in 1947, Campus Ink is a decorated apparel and printing company that prides itself on thinking beyond the t-shirt by teaching design and sales, elevating collegiate brands, and developing people. With the change in NIL legislation, Campus Ink built on its national brand management solutions to power The NIL Store. Campus Ink also runs the brands of Urban Champs, an NIL dedicated jersey solution, and The NIL show, a podcast that brings businesses, athletic departments, and athletes together to unravel the challenges facing the new era of collegiate sports.

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