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When you think of collegiate operations and compliance departments, you probably envision a hot, steamy love affair. Right? No?

We do – heres why.

Over the years, Athletic Departments searched for the perfect software partner to manage their complex operational logistics and compliance needs. They spent time talking with and getting to know both Teamworks Hub and ARMS. While there were others they considered, in the end, these two were the only real players, providing robust features and superior customer service.

Fast forward to April of 2023, when Teamworks and ARMS joined forces, combining the strengths of each platform into an irresistible and integrated solution. Customers demanded an athlete-centric platform where all their tech is connected “this is where Hub excels. Now ARMS, the best compliance tool on the market, has amplified its impact by connecting to Hub. 

With both available on The Operating System for Sports and new integrations continuously rolling out, operations and compliance staff can enjoy being the center of attention in this healthy love triangle (square?) that delivers maximum value to staff and athletes.

Good Chemistry

Like any winning team, each player excels in their role, feeds off of each other, and contributes to the success of the whole. In this case

Hub powers and aligns your entire organization through synchronized calendars and transparent communication. Its the engine that keeps your team running.

ARMS is an admin-focused compliance solution that feeds into all operational elements that keep teams on track. Its the must-have tool that dots all the is and crosses all the ts.

In other words

HUB gets your athletes to the field. ARMS helps keep them on the field. 

This tech combo gives you more insight and control over the most pressing elements – the people, the workflow, the logistics, the compliance. Departments that have both Hub and ARMS will achieve greater team success. 

Irresistible Integration

Six months into the union of Teamworks and ARMS, the vision of an integrated Operations and Compliance solution is quickly becoming a reality.

The implementation of Teamworks Navigation across all apps on the Operating System for Sports, while still in the early stages, marked the start of a seamless and visually consistent user experience. 

We quickly followed this up with our latest integration: ARMS Tasks in Hub. Your athletes and staff can now see ARMS tasks on the Hub Dashboard and take action from within the app. Here are a few examples (but the possibilities are endless):

  • Complete onboarding and start-of-season forms (e.g., NCAA Summary of Regulations, Drug Testing Consent, Travel Authorization, etc.)
  • Submit assigned declaration forms
  • Complete scholarship renewals or financial aid awards
  • Certify recruiting activities

“This is awesome!!! I am so excited that student-athletes will have this ability to complete forms through their Teamworks App.” – Teamworks Hub & ARMS customer

Were hard at work on the next set of integrations between Hub and ARMS, which promise to unlock significant workflow efficiencies and drive innovation within Athletic Departments using Teamworks Operating System for Sports. 

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