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What started as a vision to empower athletes with technology that simplified their lives has now expanded to encompass a unified system that connects people, processes, and the whole organizational ecosystem. Because the key to empowerment is connection, and together, we are stronger, and so are our products.

College athletic departments have been clamoring for an integrated solution, and three years ago, Teamworks embarked on a journey to make that a reality. What we’ve developed and are continuing to build is an interconnected platform in Teamworks Hub that will serve as the one centralized location for our suite of products. This has become our Operating System for Sports.

The Operating System for Sports and its integrated tech tools foster connection and enable athletes and organizations to perform at their peak. Unlocking that power starts at the Mobile Front Door.

What Is Behind the Front Door

Starting with the basics; Teamworks Hub is all about connecting people and technology within every collegiate athletic department. We’ve listened to industry trends and needs, weve listened to our thousands of customers, and have brought together a suite of best-in-class technology solutions. These products work together to support the entire athletic department – within the following categories:

  • Recruiting
  • Branding and NIL
  • Operations
  • Sports Performance
  • Compliance 
  • Athlete Development

Amongst these purpose-built technologies, the foundational tool is Teamworks Hub – the single location within a cohesive platform that ties everything together. 

Creating an Action-Oriented To-Do List

Taking the power of a good to-do list one step further, Teamworks Hub is the one-stop location on a mobile phone where student-athletes can go to get all the information they need to perform both on and off the field. Heres what that really means

Upon opening the app, they are greeted with a Needs Attention Section that brings together all of the action-oriented tasks originating from the other apps within the Teamworks ecosystem. This is essentially their mobile front door to get to the virtual locations they need to go to perform these tasks. 

Whats even more exciting (for us efficiency nerds 🤓) is that with a connected Teamworks ecosystem, the administrators who are assigning these tasks only need to assign them once in the originating app, and they automatically populate into the Teamworks app. 

Powerful, Simple, Effective.

Lets See This in Action

How does it work? Mobile Front Door pulls in the top priorities from all other apps, listing them on one screen for easy viewing. Athletes can then focus on the immediate tasks at hand and prioritize more effectively. A few examples:

Compliance Documents – from ARMS:

  • Start of the Season Forms
  • Scholarship Renewals
  • Financial Aid Award Acknowledgement
  • Drug Testing, NCAA Student-Athlete Statements
  • Medical Forms

NIL Activities – from INFLCR:

  • Public Appearance Actions
  • Returning a Completed Contract
  • Posting a Graphic on Social
  • Other NIL-related Transactions

Academics Tasks & Reminders – from Retain:

  • Exams and Papers Due
  • Advising Questionnaire
  • Tutor Appointment

Surveys & Feedback – from Pulse:

  • Athlete Experience Survey
  • Post-Event Survey

Were serving student-athletes with a simple, powerful, and effective tool to be more efficient in their crazy busy lives. Teamworks Hub is the technology that empowers athletes and organizations to perform at their peak with tools that enhance efficiency and productivity in a way that’s never been done before. It’s next level. 

Reach out to learn more about Mobile Front Door, and together, let’s redefine the student-athlete experience with Teamworks Operating System for Sports.

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